Therapeutic Imagery

Therapeutic imagery is a sub-set of Hypnosis. You are welcomed to become calm, relaxed, and to bring your awareness to your inner experience. You allow your perceptions to widen so that can you tap into your conscious and subconscious resources. The human mind learns in images, imagery is the natural way to communicate with the subconscious mind because imagery and the subconscious mind speak in the same language; the imagery becomes a powerful tool to use to make a positive change.

Therapeutic Imagery is a beautiful experience that is visual and sensory oriented. You are guided through a visual journey for a special target (such as relaxation, health, performance, emotional release, etc) using all the senses: imagined sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch

The journey you take can be one that has been developed generically, recognizing that most individual beings share common challenges and experiences; fear, anxiety, self-doubt, uncertainty, health concerns, sadness or depression as well as common desires; to accomplish their dreams, to live by their values, to love and be loved, to be able to live pleasantly in a community to name just a some.

Therapeutic Imagery soothes our hyper activated neurology and calms the release of stress hormones turning our bodies to a more equitable state. In the last decade, imagery has taken a giant leap up in use and popularity. It has been proven to be very effective, specifically gaining high marks in the health arena.

Pooyan Jafari is a master of Therapeutic Imagery, Metaphysical Imagery, Mythic and Archetypal Imagery, Transformational Imagery and every week works with imagery in his private practice. 

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